Here is a video that shows why we created Subtle Retreat – a luxury cannabis brand, so even professional women, even mothers can feel comfortable with using cannabis, whether it’s their first time or they’re an experienced user.

Women are a forgotten market in this industry, but as marijuana becomes more and more accepted in society, more and more women want to try it. It can be used for medicinal purposes, or just for fun. Because there are a variety of desires and experiences, we have worked with artisan growers and kitchens to create products catered to each of these needs and desires.

The different products can help you sleep, or give you energy. This can be the perfect alternative to an afternoon cup of coffee whose caffeine may keep you up well into the night.

And if it’s back pain that keeps you up at night…well, we have a solution for that too.

If you had a rough week, and just need to de-stress, then there’s a product for that too. Unwind and leave your worries behind for a couple hour “subtle retreat.” Sometimes we just need a quick break from reality, and we want to make sure we utilize that short bit of time while the kids are away at camp.

Or maybe, you have just found yourself overwhelmed, stressed and…”off” lately. Maybe you need to take a few days to reconnect with yourself and appreciate the little things in life. If so, then Subtle Retreat can help bring that gorgeous smile back to your face, and even make you feel like a kid again.

become happy

Or maybe you would rather use this time going out with the girls! The only downside to going out – the high calorie cocktails. Subtle Retreat offers great, low-calorie fun as a great alternative to high-calorie mojitos.

But we understand that you need all of the above in your life. Sometimes all in the same day. This is why we created the small, discreet 4-pack vape case, so you can pack a pen for any desire. And when it comes time to pick up the kids…you’ll be fine – the effects wear off in only an hour or so.