While we have included several travel hacks and travel tips in this blog for you today, the number one travel tip we found was when to buy the cheapest plane tickets. Save big on airfare so you can splurge for a luxury retreat at your final destination!



travel hack tuesday

More travel hacks and travel tips below:


  1. Put clothes in space-saving bags. Don’t have space-saving bags? Use gallon-size Ziploc bags instead!
  2. Don’t have a tv at your seat? Create your own! Put your cell phone in a Ziploc and hang it from your tray table! United offers free “personal device entertainment” so you can use the wifi network free – as long as it’s to watch movie or show.
  3. Store obnoxious cords (like your cell phone charger) in a glasses case to keep things organized.
  4. Pack your shoes in a shower cap, so you don’t get all your nice vacation clothes dirty!
  5. Paint your nails a light color (not bright red!). That way chips and cracks won’t be easily seen while you’re away.
  6. Trying to find the shortest line? When in doubt…choose the left line (stats show the line furthest to the left is usually the shortest)
  7. Is your favorite face cream or cbd cream too big to go through security? Put it in an empty contact lens case!
  8. Pack a smaller bag in your suitcase…in case you do any shopping while you’re away.
  9. Put your toothbrush in an empty Tic-Tac case to keep it clean!
  10. Place the mini hotel soaps that you get in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean!


So it’s time! Plan your next trip…

6 weeks from now!

Vacation=Stress Relief=More Productive=Happiness!

Vacation=Stress Relief=More Productive=Happiness!


Don’t have time for a vacay? Take a mini-break and treat yourself to a luxury experience: