It seems like many people these days are skipping on breakfast – the most important meal of the day. Not only is it a nice, peaceful way to start the day, but it offers many other benefits.

Here’s something you may have heard before (and perhaps just brushed off) – but many studies confirm that people who eat breakfast are leaner. Skipping breakfast increases your chance of becoming obese. Eating breakfast also makes you more energized, and makes you an all around healthier, happier individual.

Common Excuses For Skipping – Is This You?

Excuse #1: Isn’t eating another meal just going to add more calories to my day – hence won’t that contribute to weight gain?

You may be consuming calories for breakfast, but keep in mind that people who eat breakfast every morning tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day – they also consume more nutrients than non-breakfast-eaters.

Finally, the best way to optimize and boost your metabolism is to eat smaller portions, more frequently. Also, many European studies have concluded that the optimal way to eat to boost your metabolism is to  consume the highest number of carbohydrates in the morning, and dwindle that amount through the course of the day (thus dinner should be your lowest calorie meal).

Excuse #2: I am not hungry in the morning.

This is one of the most common excuses I hear. And I understand it – to some extent. Because I too, used to never be hungry in the morning. But you can start out small, by just having a protein or granola bar and work your way up to the scramble. Eventually you will likely find yourself hungry the moment you awaken.

If you are still having trouble getting hungry in the morning, you can try an appetite stimulant in the morning until you get used to your regular breakfast.

Excuse #3: I do not have enough energy to get up and make breakfast in the morning.

This is the common excuse for all of you night owls. However, it does not take much energy to pull out a mason jar of overnight oats you made last night, or even warm up a breakfast burrito that you made over the weekend. If you’re still struggling to even get the motivation for that, and you’ve grown a tolerance to coffee, maybe it is time to try another natural energizer.

Furthermore, eating breakfast will even help wake you up! Eating a breakfast that’s high in fiber and carbohydrates could help you feel less tired throughout the day.

Excuse #4: I forgot.

We are human and we all forget things…but if you are having some memory problems, then you should definitely be eating breakfast! Eating high-energy foods for breakfast could help boost your short-term memory.

Although there is little evidence that eating breakfast will help memory long-term, there is some interesting new evidence that CBD can help prevent and provide treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The importance of eating breakfast for a healthy diet and weight loss